Virtual Encounter Gaming is an esports organization and multigaming platform founded in 2019 - connecting gamers all over europe, hosting prize money tournaments, and competing against the biggest esports teams with the V Enc Pro Players.



We created a platform for gamers that are willing to learn, motivated to improve, and interested in competing. People around Europe are able to participate in our tournaments and scrims in multiple games by simply joining our discord server and staying up to date. The organisation was created in cooperation with as an intersection for competitive gaming, entertainment, and apparel. We currently are represented in Fortnite, Spellbreak, and Teamfight Tactics with more games to come. Here we support our professional players in evolving into top tier players, able to compete against the best of the best. Not only do we support our own, but also the whole Virtual Encounter Gaming Community by enabling them to compete in prizemoney tournaments, professional scrims, and ingame topic discussions around multiple games. 



For further information about partnerships and business offers, please contact us via email